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Intercom System

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In theory, intercom systems are installed for convenience. In practice, they also offer enhanced security. “Gate Repair Staten Island” is an expert in intercom installation and repair and considers these systems extremely important for security purposes. We have a great team of knowledgeable technicians for the proper installation of an Intercom System to your automatic rolling gate at residential or commercial properties. Our equipment is sophisticated and our response immediate when you need emergency intercom gate repair.Intercom System

We install intercom systems efficaciously

Technology contributes enormously to the security of properties these days and so do we! Our services are provided at the convenience of each customer, in a short notice and with the best means. All contractors of our intercom expert business have great knowledge of any Intercom System designed for rolling gates and, thus, we can promise efficient services. We know the differentiations among these systems and which one will suit best a large building of hundreds of tenants, an entire gate community, an office building and a smaller size family house.

Whether you need visual and oral communication with your visitors, black and white or colorful cameras, access codes and temporary ones for some partners or family members, wireless systems or not, we can make it happen. After all, Gate Repair Staten Island works with great manufacturers and you can also be sure that our products are of the greatest quality and our knowledge guaranteed. We install intercoms to any rolling gate with efficiency, teach our customers how to use it and make sure of their satisfaction.

Of course, we are always here for possible malfunctions and problems. Whether you have residential or commercial rolling gate intercom systems, you can be sure that we are experts in their repairs. We move extremely fast when you are in trouble and need our urgent intervention and we can check, fix and replace worn gate parts. Our knowledge is guaranteed along with our experience, professionalism and training. If you need an intercom system installed or repaired, call our contractors today!

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