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Are Solar-Powered Gate Openers Practical?


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Are Solar-Powered Gate Openers Practical?

Are Solar-Powered Gate Openers Practical Blog | Gate Repair Staten Island, NY

Isn't it a shame not to take advantage of the solar energy that's so readily available for everyday use rather than simply using the standard power grid? Why not turn your automatic rolling gate into a solar-powered one and reduce your electricity bill at the same time? The question is: are these systems practical or will we just go through all this trouble and expenses for nothing? The truth is that we didn't know how incredible and reliable solar opener systems are until some years ago when they started becoming more and more prevalent!

Will It Work For Me?

Lately, people started trying out these systems for their rolling gates. They considered it a good idea, especially those living in very sunny regions. Undeniably, solar energy is a great solution for the energy crisis and for lowering the global carbon footprint. Going green is great but will it work for you? Will the solar powered opener move your gate with adequate speed? Will it work continuously or will you find yourself stuck behind your sliding gates waiting until the batteries are fully charged?

One Thing Is Certain

The subject is still a little debatable. Some advocates are in favor of these systems, and green energy proponents are ready to invest in solar energy for many applications including the garage doors and gates. The truth is that the solar-powered gate opener is charged rather easily and can last for several days and for a great number of cycles.

Are There Some Downsides?

There are actually several, as is often the case with relatively new systems. The integration of solar panels and makes the price usually higher than regular models. This type of opener would require more maintenance than regular electrical ones. Also, the position of your gate could mean that the panels will need to be installed somewhere else, because if the sun exposure isn't maximal there it won't be beneficial to place them near. That means more wires will need to be set up. These aren't deal breakers by any stretch, but they can require a bit more work than simply installing a regular gate opener would. However, the money-saving and environmental benefits can make it worth it.


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