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Servicing residential and commercial rolling gates is our specialty

All the answers to your questions on gate repair and door maintenance are found here.

  • What is the best gate type for residential driveways?

    Taking all the pros and cons into account, our gate experts in Staten Island believe that slide gates are the best option for driveways in residential properties. This is because of its smaller footprint as compared to swing gates. Perhaps the only major drawback for slide gates is the installation and maintenance of sliding gate operators, which can be slightly more complicated.

  • What kind of finish is best on the gate?

    Our professionals recommend a powder coated finish if you live in an area which is predominately wet. A rust finish is also popular and they usually go through an acid wash procedure post fabrication. This helps in accelerating the oxidation process.

  • Do gate wheels need to be replaced often?

    Sliding gate wheels are usually made of steel and last for many years. Though, it will also depend on how often you maintain them. They need good lubrication and the tracks need good cleaning or the rollers might get damaged by tree sticks and rocks.

  • Will gates cause problems?

    Gates are installed to solve problems, especially those related to security. Of course, they must be installed properly and made of durable materials. If you worry about your safety, rest assured that your rolling gate will be safe as long as you maintain it properly and regularly.

  • Can storefront gates provide good security?

    Storefront gates are meant to provide excellent security and protect properties from vandalism and intrusions. The personnel at Gate Repair Staten Island advocate that commercial rolling gates are usually made of very sturdy, heavy gauge steel materials that can withstand forceful attempts for invasion.

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